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36V 1105Ah 38.50 x31.75 x22.64




All of our new batteries for sale are of the highest quality and come with a 7–year warranty; these things are built to last. Please see our new forklift battery prices below. We carry industrial forklift truck batteries for sale ranging in voltage from 12 volts to 80 volts. If you don’t know which one goes into your lift, you can use our forklift battery selector tool on our quote page. You can search by manufacturer and model to determine which batteries your forklift is compatible with. Whether you’re looking for a 36-volt forklift battery, a Toyota forklift battery, or you’re not quite sure, we can help.



We are extremely proud to state that our reconditioned forklift batteries are guaranteed to retain a minimum of 85% of the rated capacity of brand-new forklift batteries and they come with a standard 1-year warranty. A high percentage, such as 85%, will give you almost an entire second lifespan for the refurbished forklift battery. Even with as much longevity and durability as a new battery, we offer ours at a much lower rate.

Our rebuilt forklift batteries offer consumers a more affordable power source option for forklifts. Considering the cost difference between new and refurbished forklift batteries, it just makes sense for buyers. We do this, in part, to incentivize buying eco-friendly when looking for replacement batteries.



Lithium-ion forklift battery technology is one example of the advanced thinking driving Green Power Batteries. Lithium-ion forklift batteries provide a wide variety of efficiency advantages that can offer excellent return on investment when managed appropriately. From consistent power delivery to quicker charging capabilities, exploring lithium-ion forklift battery options can reveal your next steps in operational efficiency.

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