Refurbished Forklift Batteries

Want to buy a Refurbished Battery? Or maybe you’d like to refurbish an existing battery. We can help you in your search with quotes and more.

Years ago when a battery ran out of power or just wouldn’t hold a charge anymore we always scrapped them, threw them in the trash and bought a new one. But now you don’t have to do that, you can reduce the cost and your carbon footprint by having your batteries refurbished or even by buying a refurbished battery directly from us.

Refurbished batteries are full working reliable batteries that will last you as long as a brand new battery at a fraction of the cost. We refurbish our batteries through a rigorous process which you can read about HERE

If you have any questions or queries or even if you want to refurbish and old battery or buy one from us please use the contact form below

Refurbished Forklift Batteries for Sale

IMG_0175 Check out our wide range of refurbished forklift batteries for sale to see if we have something that will suit your needs on the list below.

Why Buy Reconditioned?

We are extremely proud to state that our reconditioned forklift batteries are guaranteed to retain a minimum of 85% of the rated capacity of brand-new forklift batteries and they come with a standard 1-year warranty. A high percentage, such as 85%, will give you almost an entire second lifespan for the refurbished forklift battery. Even with as much longevity and durability as a new battery, we offer ours at a much lower rate.

Our rebuilt forklift batteries offer consumers a more affordable power source option for forklifts. Considering the cost difference between new and refurbished forklift batteries, it just makes sense for buyers. We do this, in part, to incentivize buying eco-friendly when looking for replacement batteries.

If you have used forklift batteries of your own, you can send them to us for reconditioning, as well. However, purchasing a new or refurbished battery may still be necessary to ensure that you have working forklift batteries while your used batteries are being reconditioned.

For those who don’t want to keep the battery they have, we offer options for handling your used equipment. Not only do we offer refurbished forklift batteries for sale at an affordable price, but we also want to buy your current used battery. We professionally upcycle your old used batteries to give them a second life. Contact us today if you wish to learn more.

We hope you can see the cost-saving advantages of using Green Power’s refurbished forklift batteries. This also contributes to limiting the needless smelting of lead-acid and the CO2 emissions it causes by decreasing otherwise endless consumer demand for brand-new forklift batteries. See our refurbished battery list below and try one today!

Refurbished Battery List

6-85-131251080430.8878.447.4518.9223.2559.06YES520236Contact Us
12-85-72425540233.585.096.516.5123.2559.06YES585265Contact Us
12-85-72425540225.665.028.521.5923.2559.06YES585265Contact Us
12-85-92434053621.0253.3912.832.5120.6752.5YES600272Contact Us
12-85-92434053625.5064.771127.9423.2559.06YES600272Contact Us
12-85-132451080430.577.471333.0223.2559.06YES1039471Contact Us
12-85-132451080430.5077.471333.0222.6457.51NO1039471Contact Us
12-85-152459593835.2589.541333.0222.6457.51NO1178534Contact Us
12-100-132460094630.577.471333.0226.2566.68YES1163527Contact Us
12-125-1324750118235.5690.321229.3631.3879.71YES1408639Contact Us
12-125-1324750118235.5690.3211.5629.3630.577.47NO1395633Contact Us
12-125-1324750118235.7590.8113.534.2930.577.47NO1397633Contact Us
12-125-1324750118230.577.471333.0231.178.99YES1397633Contact Us
12-125-1324750118230.577.471333.0230.577.47NO1388630Contact Us
12-125-152487513793896.5211.930.2330.577.47NO1610730Contact Us
12-125-152487513793691.441435.5630.577.47NO1604727Contact Us
12-125-1524875137935.2589.541333.0230.577.47NO1606728Contact Us
12-125-1524875137935.0689.0513.0733.231.178.99YES1625737Contact Us
12-125-1724100015763896.5213.534.2930.577.47NO1765801Contact Us
18-85-13365108043896.5215.639.6222.6457.51NO1569712Contact Us
18-85-133651080430.6377.81948.2622.6357.48NO1559707Contact Us
18-85-15365959383896.5217.845.2122.6457.51NO1785810Contact Us
18-85-15365959383281.2823.659.9422.6457.51NO1775805Contact Us
18-85-173668010723896.522050.822.6457.51NO1981898Contact Us
18-85-1736680107233.3284.6325.8865.7423.0058.42NO1973895Contact Us
18-85-1736680107233.0683.9825.5664.9322.6457.51NO1973895Contact Us
18-85-1936765120638.2097.0322.356.6422.6457.51NO2161980Contact Us
18-85-193676512063588.925.5664.9222.6357.48NO2159979Contact Us
18-85-2136850134038.297.0324.662.4822.6457.51NO23551068Contact Us
18-85-2336935147438.297.032768.5822.6457.51NO25201143Contact Us
18-85-25361020160838.297.0329.2574.322.6457.51NO27531249Contact Us
18-85-27361105174238.597.7931.7580.6522.6457.51NO29851354Contact Us
18-85-29361190187638.2597.163485.7322.6457.47Any31831444Contact Us
18-85-33361360214438.2597.1638.2597.1622.6457.47Any39201778Contact Us
18-125-113662598537.896.0113.634.5430.577.47NO1759798Contact Us
18-125-1336750118237.896.0115.539.3730.577.47NO2095950Contact Us
18-125-1336750118237.896.0115.539.3731.178.99YES2095950Contact Us
18-125-153687513793896.5217.845.2130.577.47NO23641072Contact Us
18-125-1736100015763896.522050.830.577.47NO26481201Contact Us
24-85-13485108043896.5220.552.0722.6457.51NO2084945Contact Us
24-85-134851080430.7578.1125.564.7722.6457.51NO2079943Contact Us
24-85-154859593838.297.0323.659.9422.6457.51NO23691075Contact Us
24-85-154859593835.2589.5425.5664.9222.6357.48NO23671074Contact Us
24-85-1748680107238.297.0326.567.3122.6457.51NO26321194Contact Us
24-85-1948765120638.297.0329.7575.5722.6457.51NO28751304Contact Us
24-85-2148850134038.297.033383.1922.6457.51NO31401424Contact Us
24-85-25481020160838.7598.4338.2597.1623.2759.11NO36711665Contact Us
24-85-25481020160857.75146.6925.7565.4123.2759.11NO36711665Contact Us
24-85-27481105174241.75106.0538.2597.1623.2759.11NO41061862Contact Us
24-85-29481190187644.75113.6738.7599.0622.6457.51NO46502109Contact Us
24-85-33481360214444.875113.9844.75113.6722.62557.5NO52302413Contact Us
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