Refurbished Industrial Forklift Batteries

Brand new Industrial Forklift batteries can be an expensive commodity and buying a brand new battery every time is not always feasible when it comes to spreading out a budget. That is where buying a refurbished industrial forklift battery from us could help to save your business money and in doing so reduce your carbon footprint.

When you buy a Used forklift battery from us it has always gone through our rigorous 18 stage reconditioning process. This ensures that you are getting a top quality refurbished battery that will save you money. We have a large selection of batteries available that you can view at the bottom of the page.

Refurbished battery technology is not only more affordable, refurbishing a battery is essentially like recycling it, so rather than getting a new battery, the refurbished one will be put back into circulation. As such, consumers can feel as though they are helping to do their part in saving the planet by keeping yet another battery from being thrown onto the scrap-heap.

If you want to purchase a refurbished industrial forklift battery or even if you want a brand new battery, you can find one to suit your needs at the bottom of this page.

Green Power Batteries buys,sells and ships  used or scrap forklift batteries throughout the USA and Canada.

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