What To Know Before Buying a Reconditioned Forklift Battery

Refurbished forklift batteries can benefit your business in many ways. To determine whether this option is right for you, consider what you should know before buying a reconditioned forklift battery.

They’re Reliable

It’s always important to buy from a trustworthy forklift battery company. When you shop with an experienced company with a strong reputation, you purchase a reliable product.

Green Power Forklift Batteries reconditions batteries through testing, charging, performing desulfation, and cleaning. We complete our 18-step process in multiple stages: the initial inspection, diagnosis, equalization, capacity maximization, and finishing. Thorough refurbishment results in a clean battery that retains a minimum of 85 percent of the rated capacity of a brand-new battery.

They Will Save You Money

Another thing to know when you consider buying a reconditioned forklift battery is that this product saves your business money. The cost difference between a new and refurbished lead-acid battery is significant.

Of course, your business wants to balance cost and quality. The upfront cost of a refurbished battery is much lower than the cost of a new one. Also, when the refurbished battery retains a high percentage of its original, new-condition capacity, that’s a true deal. For many businesses, buying a reconditioned battery makes the most financial sense.

They’re More Eco-Friendly

Industrial business owners and managers should look for ways to improve their ecological impact. One of the best ways to do this is to use eco-friendly power alternatives. Not only are reconditioned forklift batteries reliable and cost-effective, but they’re also eco-friendlier than new batteries.

By buying a reconditioned battery, you make the most of the labor and materials it took to make the battery. And when you use a reconditioned battery, you reduce the pollution created by manufacturing new batteries. Ultimately, buying reconditioned uses resources in the best way.

Find the right reconditioned forklift battery for your lift truck at Green Power Forklift Batteries. Save money and make your business more environmentally friendly with a reliable refurbished battery. Give us a call or search our refurbished battery list today.