Warning Signs Your Forklift Battery Needs To Be Replaced

When there is heavy lifting and high places involved around the warehouse, a forklift is a must. As one of the primary tools of logistical work, forklifts need to be kept in good working condition by the company that employs them. One of the most unnecessary disappointments a worker can encounter on the warehouse floor is a malfunctioning forklift. 

Failures with critical equipment can easily set a schedule back hours and lead to incomplete tasks at the end of the day. What’s more, ignoring these warning signs your forklift battery needs to be replaced often leads to surprise expenses or even damage to the forklifts.

Decreased Use Times

One of the earliest signs of battery failure is a forklift that needs more time charging. Every battery should last for the duration that is typically indicated by the type and model. As the battery ages, that usage time window begins to shrink.

A machine that may have lasted an entire eight-hour shift might start needing a boost charge during breaks, lest it stops halfway through the day. If your forklift maintains the same load of work each day but increasingly indicates low battery, chances are it’s time to consider a replacement. For businesses on a budget, refurbished forklift batteries are an affordable and greener option than buying all-new.

Signs of Leaks and Damage

The worst warning signs your forklift battery needs to be replaced are those that point to severe damage. Old batteries can and will fail, sometimes in dramatic ways. The most common clue your battery needs to be replaced immediately is heavy corrosion on the terminals. The presence of this residue can impact the battery’s ability to be sparked.

After this, batteries may leak dangerous acids and will need to be removed and contained quickly. Sadly, any battery that’s reached this level of decay can’t wait any longer. Emergency replacements are rarely convenient, so maintaining a regular schedule to check on battery health is always helpful to any dynamic business.

Dramatic Power Reduction

Another strong indicator of battery failure is a power reduction. After using a forklift for a few days to a week, an entire team will quickly become accustomed to the speed and strength of each machine. Even those working alongside the forklift will easily be able to spot changes in performance. The keenest of the team may even hear down-pitching of the forklift’s normal operating sounds.

A battery beginning to show its age and a loose charge will dramatically affect how a forklift sounds and operates. The machine will move noticeably slower and will struggle to lift loads it used to handle with ease.