The Advantages of Lithium-Ion Forklift Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries can increase productivity at your material handling worksite. Learn about the advantages of lithium-ion forklift batteries and consider whether they’re the right choice for your business.

Quicker Charging

Lithium-ion batteries require less charging time than lead-acid batteries, making lithium-ion batteries better for productivity. Whereas lead-acid batteries typically require about eight hours to charge and then another eight hours to cool down, lithium-ion batteries take approximately one to two hours to charge and do not require a cooldown period.

Virtually Maintenance Free

Lead-acid batteries require watering, equalizing, and cleaning, which means more labor. In contrast, lithium-ion batteries can stay in the forklift while charging and don’t require watering. The low maintenance requirement saves space in your material handling business and reduces labor requirements. Lithium-ion batteries can help you use your warehouse space productively and make the most of your employees’ time.

Opportunity Charging

Another advantage of lithium-ion forklift batteries is opportunity charging. Since lithium-ion batteries don’t require much time to charge, work crews can leave the battery in the lift truck and let it charge during breaks. So, when your employees take lunch, switch shifts, or take a break from work, the lithium-ion battery can charge until an operator returns to the lift truck. Opportunity charging won’t harm the lithium-ion battery, making this an excellent way to reduce downtime at your site.

Fewer Batteries Needed

Thanks to the significantly reduced charging time requirements, it takes fewer lithium-ion batteries to complete the same tasks than if you were to use lead-acid batteries. You’ll benefit the most from this if you run a multi-shift operation. Traditional lead-acid batteries take nearly two shifts to charge and cool down, so one piece of material handling equipment requires three batteries to ensure 24-hour operation. In contrast, that same piece of equipment can use one lithium-ion battery for round-the-clock work.

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