Practical Ways To Improve Forklift Efficiency

Operating a forklift brings with it many responsibilities. Regular maintenance is crucial, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. With these practical ways to improve forklift efficiency, you can easily keep your vehicle up to standard.

Be Meticulous With Daily Inspections

OSHA already requires that you perform a thorough inspection of your forklift before each time you operate it. Keep it clean and remain on the lookout for problems such as uneven fork alignment, fluid leaks, soft brakes, or excess water in the battery. Attention to detail during inspections prevents safety concerns later!

Collaborate With Others

Even an experienced forklift operator can miss potential problems during a routine inspection. If you’re ever unsure during your inspection, or if you spot something unusual and cannot diagnose the issue, a second or third pair of eyes can ensure that the forklift is in proper working condition before you operate it.

Take Care of Your Battery

Forklift batteries require a delicate balance of fluids to work. Water the battery about every ten uses and take care not to overfill. Rinse away excess battery acid to prevent corrosion. If the battery is already corroded, or if it emits smoke and/or a rotten-egg smell, you will need to install a replacement forklift battery before you operate it again. Green Power Forklift Batteries offers a wide selection of new and refurbished batteries.

Get Comfortable

Do you feel fatigued or stiff after using your forklift all day? Ergonomic accessories and attachments can make forklift operation easier on your body. You should replace the seat at least every three years. A forklift positioner will shift your alignment hydraulically, saving you excess manual labor. You can more easily operate and maneuver a forklift if you’re physically comfortable.

A forklift is an essential tool in a warehouse environment and one that needs regular care and maintenance to operate at its full capacity. A few practical ways to improve forklift efficiency will ensure that both you and your forklift remain up to par.