Operational Voltages for Battery Powered Forklifts

One of the most important aspects of operating a forklift is to change out its battery regularly. Not only will this keep the machine functioning, but it will also keep the driver safe by preventing an equipment malfunction.

However, in order to change the battery properly, you must ensure that it has the correct voltage. With this in mind, here is our guide on operational voltages for battery-powered forklifts.

24-Volt Batteries

Before you can find a replacement forklift battery, you must first figure out what voltage your forklift operates on. In general, smaller vehicles such as end riders and pallet jacks run on 24-volt batteries.

There are two types of forklift batteries: lead and lithium-ion. However, since lead is a heavy metal, a 24-volt battery that powers a small vehicle could weigh about 1,500 pounds.

For this reason, lithium-ion batteries are more efficient because you can charge them while they are still in a forklift. On the other hand, you have to go to a separate room to charge a lead battery, which can cost you valuable time.

36-Volt Batteries

Most mid-size machines, such as narrow-aisle forklifts and larger end riders, will operate on a 36-volt battery. Depending on the make and model of your forklift, 36-volt batteries will have a range of sizes and capacities, but they will generally consist of the same layout. These batteries are durable, and forklift operators use them when they need power in a compact form.

48-Volt Batteries

For larger forklifts, 48-volt batteries are the industry standard. However, you must know that not every battery charger is compatible with batteries that operate on the same voltage. In addition, you can’t convert a charger to a different voltage. Therefore, you should make sure you check the data on your battery’s nameplate and communicate with the supplier about which batteries are compatible with the charger that you currently have.

80-Volt Batteries

The forklifts that can handle the heaviest loads run on 80-volt batteries. These batteries last a long time between charges and can work well both indoors and outdoors.

Overall, be sure to check which voltage your forklift battery runs on because choosing the wrong one can significantly damage your forklift. Now that you know the operational voltages for battery-powered forklifts, this shouldn’t be too challenging.