Key Tips for Creating a Green Supply Chain Management Plan

A supply chain management plan coordinates processes to optimize the shipping and delivery of goods and services. Creating a plan with green initiatives in mind helps lower energy usage and minimize waste in supply chains. Discover a few key tips for creating a green supply chain management plan.

Minimize the Use of Raw Materials

Supply chain systems connect producers, transportation companies, warehouses, distribution centers, and retailers. People at every step of the supply chain should re-examine their practices to ensure they don’t over-rely on raw materials.

Producers can evaluate how new technologies and innovations can improve their manufacturing processes. Redesigning a product to include fewer components or use recycled materials can help preserve natural resources.

Streamline Transportation

Another key tip for creating a green supply chain management plan is to optimize transportation. Strategies for eco-friendly shipping focus on lightening the weight of goods and moving products on efficient routes. As electric vehicles grow more popular, hybrid and electric delivery fleets become more attractive.

Additionally, a route-planning system helps save time and fuel on deliveries. Software that automatically informs drivers of road closures, traffic issues, and the best routes to use in real time makes trips more efficient.

Reuse and Recycle Materials

Finally, reusing and recycling materials ensures you extract the full value of items before throwing them out. Supply chain members, from producers to retailers, can reuse materials and recycle.

One way that warehouses and distribution centers have improved their sustainability efforts is by replacing internal combustion (IC) forklifts with electric forklifts. Managers can further enhance sustainability by using refurbished forklift batteries.

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