How To Properly Store a Forklift Battery

Forklifts are an integral tool for any business operating out of a warehouse. Because battery-powered forklifts have advantages over gas-powered ones, many warehouse operations favor using electric vehicles over ones powered by an internal combustion engine.

However, this also means that proper forklift battery storage is critical for the business’s success. Here is your guide on how to properly store a forklift battery.

Fully Charge Your Batteries Before Storing Them

If you plan on storing your forklift batteries for an extended period, fully charge them before putting them away. Doing so will prevent the onset of sulphation, which occurs when batteries have low levels of electrolytes, causing air exposure and sulfate buildup.

Sulphation can adversely affect your battery’s shelf life and performance capability, so charging your batteries before storage could offer you financial benefits and peace of mind. If you need to replace your battery, be sure to lookout for forklift battery sales online.

Place Them in a Dry Location That’s Free of Frost

Keeping your batteries away from frost and moisture is crucial when storing them properly.

As with exposure to air, moisture and frost can corrode the battery. Also, avoid storing your battery in a hot, humid environment due to the moisture in the air.

Disconnect Your Batteries When They Aren’t in Use

Batteries connected to your forklifts will discharge even if the equipment isn’t on. If the discharge continues, your battery could be under a parasitic load and completely discharge over time. To prevent this from happening, disconnect your batteries if you plan to keep them mounted onto the forklifts.

Give Your Batteries a Refresh Charge Once per Month

When your batteries are in storage, you will want to give them a refresh charge once per month to ensure they are fully charged the next time you need to use them. Batteries that sit for too long may die out if they don’t get charged often enough. Store your batteries in charger racks so you can program the racks to give your batteries refresh charges automatically.

Overall, learning how to properly store a forklift battery will ensure that you always have functional equipment on the job. Now that you know a few tips, you can keep your forklift in working order and continue driving with ease.