How To Prepare Your Forklift Batteries for Winter

If you live or work in an area where harsh winters come every year, then you must ensure that the weather doesn’t destroy your forklift batteries. Cold weather causes numerous problems for forklift batteries, including shortening the battery’s life span and reducing its capacity to charge.

Thankfully, you can prevent this from happening by following the proper techniques to winterize your batteries. Here is your guide on how to prepare your forklift batteries for winter.

Understand the Consequences of Cold Weather

When the weather gets cold, batteries lose their responsiveness even when you use them indoors because warehouses often don’t receive adequate heating. When the battery can’t produce enough electricity due to the winter, the battery won’t start, rendering the machine inoperable.

Use Your Forklift Regularly

The most effective solution for preventing your battery against damage during the winter is to keep it warm. Although heaters can keep your battery at an optimal temperature during the off-season, you can also drive your forklift around every so often to ensure that the battery stays warm every day.

Store Your Forklift and Battery Properly

You can save money on replacements by properly storing your forklift and battery. Always store your battery indoors to prevent it from freezing. In addition, make sure to clean the terminals and cables for the battery before sealing them tight and putting them in storage. When damage is inevitable, you can always browse through forklift truck batteries for sale.

Although you might store your truck outside, try to keep it in a dry area to prevent moisture from building up, and never leave the battery outdoors. Also, be sure to use a load tester before putting your battery into a forklift so that it doesn’t cause problems later on.

Overall, proper forklift battery maintenance is a crucial step toward saving money on repairs and ensuring safety in your warehouse. Now that you know how to prepare your forklift batteries for winter, you can ensure that operations run smoothly throughout the entire season.