Environmental Benefits of Reconditioned Forklift Batteries

Whether you are a business owner or you drive a forklift for a large company, you might not think about the environmental impact of your business operations very often. However, with the effects of climate change becoming more apparent each year, it has never been more important to audit your carbon footprint.

One of the ways a warehouse owner or employee can benefit the environment is to switch from purchasing new forklift batteries to reconditioned or refurbished units. With that in mind, here are three environmental benefits of reconditioned forklift batteries.

It Reduces the Amount of Pollution That Comes from Manufacturing New Batteries

By purchasing a reconditioned battery instead of a new one, you are recycling material that still works perfectly well. In the process, you also minimize the detrimental impacts on the environment that come with manufacturing new batteries.

Every time you purchase a reconditioned battery, it incentivizes battery retailers to sell more of these products, which increases demand in the long run. The more units of reconditioned batteries that sell, the fewer new batteries that manufacturers must make to keep up with demand. This means less pollution from manufacturing.

It Prevents Harmful Chemicals From Entering Nature

When you dispose of a battery, it often ends up in a landfill unless you recycle it. Forklift batteries contain countless heavy metals and chemicals that can cause significant damage to the environment. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happens when a battery ends up in a landfill because it will degrade over time and run these chemicals into the soil underground.

From there, the soil brings these chemicals to local waterways, which leads to even more pollution. If you need to dispose of a dead battery, seek out a local recycling program. Purchasing a reconditioned battery will help prevent it from ending up in a landfill.

Electric Batteries Don’t Emit Chemicals into the Air

Since electric forklift batteries don’t rely on fuel combustion, they don’t emit any harmful chemicals into the atmosphere, which reduces industrial air pollution. This is also true for new batteries as well. Whether you’re looking at reconditioned batteries for sale or you want to purchase a brand new unit, you can seek comfort knowing they won’t pollute your airways. Use reconditioned batteries if you want to replace your battery frequently. They’re cheaper than newer ones though, so they offer the best bang for your buck and the most significant benefits to the environment.

Overall, choosing to use a reconditioned battery in your forklift is a simple way to make your warehouse greener. Now that you know about the environmental benefits of reconditioned forklift batteries, you can lower the carbon footprint of your warehouse today.