An Overview of Forklift Battery Cell Arrangements

A lead-acid battery’s power comes from the chemical reaction taking place in each battery cell. Connecting the cells in a series creates the battery’s total voltage.

Better understand the components of your forklift battery with this overview of forklift battery cell arrangements.

Cell Arrangement

Each battery cell contains a set of positive and negative plates, also called electrodes, immersed in an electrolyte. The positive plate is lead dioxide (PbO₂), the negative plate is sponge lead (Pb), and the electrolyte is a diluted sulfuric acid solution (H₂SO₄). The nominal voltage per cell is 2 volts.

The usual cell arrangement for a 12-volt forklift battery contains six cells in a single row. A 24-volt battery has 12 cells in either two rows of six cells or three rows of four cells, while a 32-volt battery has 16 cells arranged in four rows of four cells each. A 36-volt battery has 18 cells arranged in three rows of six cells.

Intercell Connectors

Forklift battery cells are arranged in a series, connected so that each cell can contribute to the total overall voltage of the battery. The positive terminal of one cell is next to the negative terminal of the next cell. The cells are connected by intercell connectors, which are generally lead-coated copper straps or solid lead. The connectors keep the cells together during storage and use.

If the intercell connectors loosen, the electrical resistance between the cells increases—increased electrical resistance raises the temperature in the battery. It’s important to keep intercell connectors tightened to avoid battery failure or damaging equipment that runs on the battery. Test the battery intercell connection resistance periodically to avoid problems.

How To Identify Your Battery

Your essential forklift battery information is either stamped onto an intercell connector or stamped onto a nameplate affixed to the tray. The information generally includes the model number, forklift battery capacity, battery voltage, and serial number. Use this information to maintain, service, and replace your battery.

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