A Quick Guide to Troubleshooting Your Forklift Battery

Almost every modern warehouse uses forklifts. This means that when your forklift isn’t working properly, it can severely affect the efficiency of your business.

Luckily, there are plenty of easy solutions for solving common forklift battery problems. Here is a quick guide to troubleshooting your forklift battery.

Try Charging It One More Time

If the battery is non-functional when you start the forklift, you might you broke the battery. However, it could also simply be out of charge.

There might be some internal problems in your forklift, but usually if your forklift won’t start, it’s because the battery isn’t charged. You should try to charge it one more time to rule out a dead battery as the source of your trouble.

Make Sure There’s Enough Water

Forklift batteries require a certain level of distilled water in order to function to their fullest capability. When the level of distilled water gets too low, it causes the battery to overheat due to an electrolyte imbalance, which destroys the battery.

Before checking the water level, wait for the battery’s temperature to cool down so that it’s safe to touch. Then, add enough water to get it to the proper level, and be sure to create a routine to check the water level more often.

Clean Off the Contact Points

Another common issue that reduces the efficacy of a forklift battery is when the contact points get corroded or dirty. When this happens, it prevents the cables from transmitting electricity through the circuit.

All you need to do is use a battery cleaner to wipe off the residue surrounding the contact points. However, don’t use a wire brush to wipe it off because this will cause sparks to fly. In addition, you will want to make sure that your battery is completely disconnected before you clean it to prevent yourself from getting electrocuted.

Inspect Your Cables and Connections

Sometimes, the cables in a forklift battery can come loose while the forklift is operating because the connections weren’t tight enough. If the connections aren’t firm between your cables and contact points, the forklift battery won’t create a full circuit, so the electricity won’t flow properly.

Thankfully, this is a quick fix because all you must do is tighten the connections and restart the forklift.

Overall, you will have a tough time getting around on your forklift without a forklift battery. After reading through a quick guide to troubleshooting your forklift battery, you shouldn’t be stranded for too much longer. Also, make sure to reach out to a reliable source if you need a replacement forklift battery.