A Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Size Forklift Battery

When you replace your forklift battery, it’s imperative you choose one with the right dimensions. Having the model information and dimensions of the battery will make it easy for you to find a new or refurbished battery. Follow this quick guide to choosing the right size forklift battery to make the process even easier.

1. Measure the Compartment and the Battery

Ensure your forklift battery will fit by measuring the compartment rather than the dead battery. Record the width, depth, and height in inches.

While you might replace your dead battery with the exact same model, replacing it with a refurbished battery might lead to a slightly different size. As long as it fits into the compartment, provides the right counterweight, and is the right voltage, the replacement battery will be the right size.

2. Confirm Your Voltage

It’s crucial to choose the right voltage; therefore, you need to know what voltage your forklift requires. Keep in mind each cell of the battery provides two volts, so a battery with 12 cells produces 24 volts.

Smaller forklifts that do light work can run on 24V batteries, but the larger the lift truck or the more it lifts, the more power it requires.

3. Check the Counterweight Requirement

The next point in this quick guide to choosing the right size forklift battery is to check the minimum battery weight requirement. The battery acts as a counterweight, and to safely operate the machine you need to choose the right weight. You can check the forklift’s data plate for this number.

Lead-acid batteries are heavier than lithium-ion batteries, and batteries with higher voltages generally weigh more than batteries with lower voltages. Installing an underweight battery can create dangerous stability problems.

4. Gather Information About Connectors

Measure the length of the cable, but be sure to only check the length that hangs out from the battery tray. Also note where the battery plugs into the truck, such as on the driver’s left side.

Connectors are color-coded and will not connect with connectors of a different color. Standard plug colors include gray, red, yellow, blue, green, and orange. Note the color of the plug and the size.

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