A Guide To the Different Types of Forklift Batteries

When you are trying to move large amounts of heavy inventory with little effort, a forklift is the best tool for the job. Although many run on fuel, battery-powered forklifts are better for the environment and allow for more versatility in the workplace.

However, did you know that there are numerous types of forklift batteries? Here is our guide to the different types of forklift batteries.

Flat Plate Batteries

The standard type of battery that comes in most forklifts and pallet jacks is the flat plate battery. This type of battery uses energy that comes from a chemical reaction between lead plates and sulfuric acid. Consequently, you must water your lead battery regularly, or the chemical reaction will degrade the battery and result in premature failure.

Tubular Plate Batteries

As another lead-based battery type, tubular plate batteries boast higher load voltages and longer run times than their flat-platted counterparts. Tubular plate batteries are larger than flat plate ones, and they suffer from more problems than flat plate batteries despite their superior performance. These types of batteries are most suited for environments where power cuts are minimal.

High Amp-Hour Batteries

High amp-hour batteries offer you an advantage if tubular pate batteries are not reliable enough for your working needs. They are beneficial for working environments where a replacement forklift battery may be necessary. These batteries are most suitable for forklifts that need to work for long periods of time uninterrupted.

Waterless Batteries

Any company or organization trying to reduce the cost of labor must consider waterless batteries for their forklifts. Although their name is a little misleading (they do need watering every other month or so), they require significantly less watering than your standard flat plate battery. In addition, since you only need to water the battery infrequently, they are great for simplifying the routine and reducing manpower.

Maintenance-Free Batteries

The most carefree solution to watering your battery is to forgo the process entirely by purchasing maintenance-free batteries. These batteries don’t need any water, making them perfect for clean workplaces such as food storage or pharmaceutical warehouses.

Maintenance-free batteries eliminate threats of gassing or spilling while watering. However, this type of battery often has the shortest warranty.

Overall, there are as many uses for forklift batteries as there are types of batteries. Hopefully, this guide to the different types of forklift batteries will help you decide which purchase to make in the future.