A Brief Guide to Replacing Your Forklift Battery

If you rely on a forklift to load, unload, and transport goods, you can’t afford problems with your forklift battery. Battery issues can damage your forklift, cause declining performance, or take a forklift out of commission.

Keep your facility operating efficiently with a new forklift battery. Read this brief guide to replacing your forklift battery so that you can make informed decisions.

Know the Signs It’s Time To Replace

Most forklift batteries last for up to 1,500 charging cycles before they stop charging to full. Fast-charging batteries have shorter lifespans. If your freshly charged battery only functions a few hours before needing to be recharged, it might be time to replace it.

Old or malfunctioning batteries can also cause forklifts to stall or run slowly. If the operator notices this, they should immediately stop driving the forklift and notify a supervisor.

If you see corrosion buildup on the battery case, you should replace it. Likewise, if you see the battery emit smoke while it’s charging or in use, immediately stop using that battery and get a replacement. And if your battery smells sulfurous, like rotten eggs, replace it. If you need your forklift battery inspected, contact us for cleaning, analysis, and diagnosis.

Buy the Battery

Once you see signs it’s time to replace your forklift battery, the next step to buy a replacement from a reputable source. With the manufacturer name and model number, we can give you information about compatible batteries.

Choose between a reconditioned battery or a brand new one. Our reconditioned batteries carry an impressive 85 percent minimum charge capacity of brand-new forklift batteries. And our brand-new forklift batteries come with a seven-year warranty.

If you need to select a new charger, make sure you get one with the right amp hour (Ah) rating for your new battery. An incompatible battery could lead to a buildup in sulfate crystals, which is the number one cause of early battery failure in lead-acid batteries.

Maintain Your New Battery

Follow your manufacturer’s recommendations to properly maintain your new battery. This typically involves giving the battery distilled water after it has been fully charged and cleaning the top of the battery every month to remove buildup.

Visually inspect the battery’s cables and connectors regularly. If you find breaks, cracks, cuts, or kinks, get someone to service your battery to fix problems and keep the battery safe for operational use.

Contact Green Power Forklift Batteries

If you need new forklift batteries, choose Green Power Forklift Batteries. We’re committed to providing reliable power solutions, and we sell forklift batteries and accessories to keep your facility moving along. Contact us today to find your battery replacement.