Forklift Batteries in North Carolina

Refurbished Forklift Batteries

Offering supply services across the US, our team provides customers with an assortment of new forklift batteries, recycled forklift batteries, and refurbished forklift batteries in the state of North Carolina. We buy used forklift batteries and sell and service these forklift batteries in North Carolina in the following towns, major cities, and surrounding areas:

  • Charlotte, Raleigh, and Greensboro
  • Durham, Winston-Salem, and Fayetteville
  • Cary, Wilmington, High Point, and Greenville

Many forklift batteries are sustainable power solutions, as lead acid batteries are almost 100 percent recyclable. These smart and strategic batteries provide ample power to various warehouses and facilities in modern industries on a daily basis. Based on the make and model of the chosen machinery, commercial consumers can invest in reliable industrial batteries to power up their business operations.

When it comes time to replace these critical batteries, you can choose from new or used refurbished options to provide the power dependability you seek. At Green Power Batteries, we understand how the decision depends on your company’s individual circumstances, budget situation, and overall needs.

An Eco-Friendly Battery Supplier

Green Power Forklift Batteries is a world-leading provider of eco-friendly forklift battery solutions. We’re dedicated to helping our customers find dependable, economical products that help make the world a greener place. We purchase batteries to reuse and recycle and sell refurbished options that meet current market demands. Our stand-out product collection offers efficiency when it matters most, and you’re always supported by our unparalleled warranties and customer service. 

Quality Batteries for Your Forklift Model

Our company reliably supplies batteries that function as steadfast power solutions for well-known industry manufacturers. These widely-used forklift brands include these and more: Komatsu, Linde, Mitsubishi, Barrett, Blue Giant, Hoist, Hyster, Jungheinrich, CAT, Clark, Crown, Raymond, Schaeff, Schreck, Elwell-Parker, Nissan, TCM, Toyota, Yale, Daewoo, Dockstocker, and Drexel.

Green Power Forklift Batteries is a proud provider of high-quality battery products and services. Our company is a leader in green battery-powered solutions, supplying brand-new and reconditioned industrial forklift batteries in North Carolina. Our inventory of reconditioned batteries goes through a unique 18-step process to ensure superior capacity as a cost-saving alternative to new battery replacement.

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