Industrial Forklift Battery Repair & Forklift Battery Reconditioning

forkifts2After three to four years of use, lead-acid industrial forklift batteries start to pronouncedly lose their ability to hold a charge. The result is less productive time in-between charges. If you continue to use it after this time the forklift battery’s capacity will be reduced at an ever-accelerating rate until finally the batteries are of no functional use and need to be replaced.

But here at Green Power Forklift Batteries, we can extend the functional life of your industrial forklift batteries with our forklift battery reconditioning. More than 10 years of accumulated experience have allowed us to develop a unique, non-invasive 18 step industrial forklift battery repair process which includes diagnosis, neutralization, desulphation, cleaning, and an anti-corrosive paint treatment.

By reconditioning industrial forklift batteries utilizing our forklift battery reconditioning techniques, we can help avoid the unnecessary smelting of industrial lead-acid forklift batteries which helps to decrease environmental pollution and CO2 emissions. By extending the life span of your lead-acid industrial forklift batteries the amount of replacement battery purchases will be reduced, which helps your company save money in the long-term. All reconditioned forklift batteries are delivered with full warranty.

Our industrial forklift battery repair can almost double the lifespan of a battery, as it allows you to get further use out of the same battery. This is preferable to using a failing battery, which allows for fewer productive hours, or a second battery throughout the day.

Need to dispose of your scrap forklift batteries?

We will pay more for your scrap forklift batteries than they are worth in scrap! This is a great way to make a little bit of extra money while also helping us provide others with affordable alternative power sources for forklifts. Learn more here!

Green Power Forklift Batteries will pick up your scrap forklift batteries anywhere in continental North America.

We have the experience and know-how needed for storage, handling, and shipping of lead-acid forklift batteries.

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