Forklift Battery Inspection

Green Power Forklift Batteries offers forklift battery inspection to dealers and users that involves cleaning, analysis, and diagnosis of their forklift batteries, in a six-stage process using state of the art equipment in our establishment. The price of this service is $199.00* per standard forklift battery independent of size or voltage. *(Freight not included)

Please read about the 6 stages of our cleaning, analysis and diagnosis process below:

1. Visual inspection

The first step is trying to understand the batteries most obvious problems by a visual inspection, to name a few things that we go through:

  • Symptoms of acid loss
  • Automatic watering systems
  • Corrosion
  • IC connector problems (Inter-cell connectors)
  • Signs of explosions
  • Physical damage

2. Wash and neutralization

Here we wash the battery with water and acid neutralization chemicals. This helps provide clean and safe working conditions and also takes away eventual ”creep currents”.

3. IC resistance monitoring

High resistance causes a drop in voltage and excessive heat development. In this step

we find and fix the high resistance parts of the battery, apart from eventual cells.

Typical causes of high resistance are:

  • Loose screws or corroded IC connectors
  • Sulfated /corroded connections
  • Bad welds
  • Bad cables

 4. Pre load test charge

We give the battery a full charge in order to insure the accuracy of the diagnosis load test.

5. Diagnosis load test

We measure all the cells OCV och SPGR when the battery is fully charged and thereafter perform a full load test thereby measuring the battery’s Ah capacity and study the results and get back to you with a protocol and our recommendations once the forklift battery inspection is over.

6. Post load test charge

No matter the results of the diagnosis load test, the battery will be fully charged upon its completion.