Forklift Battery Services

In addition to selling new and refurbished batteries and buying used or scrapped models, we also provide the following forklift battery services. 

Forklift Battery Analysis

If you think that your battery’s life may be in decline, we can look at the health of the battery’s cells. Green Power Forklift Batteries offers a comprehensive forklift battery analysis that includes cleaning, analysis, and diagnosis of forklift battery health. This maintenance forklift battery service entails a 6-stage process using state-of-the-art equipment in our service center. Simply ship us the battery you wish to have serviced or evaluated. The price of this service is $199.00* per standard forklift battery independent of size or voltage. *(Freight not included)

Our forklift battery analysis tests can help you determine whether it is time to have us recondition the battery or if it is time to purchase a new or refurbished battery to replace the one sent for analysis. We will be able to determine how much of a charge the battery is able to retain and how long before its discharge. We also make sure to inspect it visually for any signs of corrosion and wash it thoroughly of any deposits that may have formed on the terminals (this helps address performance irregularities and keeps things in safe working order). Any other causes of high resistance are found and addressed, as well. You can learn more about the 6 stages of our cleaning, analysis, and diagnosis process HERE

Green Power Forklift Batteries’ Battery Reconditioning Method

More than 20 years of accumulated experience have provided us with a unique non-invasive 18-step forklift battery reconditioning method, which includes: diagnosis, neutralization, desulphation, cleaning, and anti-corrosive paint treatment.

Green Power’s forklift battery services can extend the functional life of your lift batteries at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a brand-new battery replacement. READ MORE HERE