Battery Maintenance


The number of batteries required for service depends primarily upon the number of 8-hour shifts in effect. Normally, for operation on a single shift basis, the minimum number of batteries required will be the same as the number of items of operating equipment and the batteries need not be removed from the truck for charging.

For operation on a 2 or 3 shift basis, the minimum number of batteries required will be twice the number of items of operating equipment and it will, therefore, be necessary to exchange discharged batteries for charged batteries at the end of each work shift.

Whenever possible, it is recommended that more than the minimum number of batteries be available for multiple shift operation. This will provide at least 8 hours of rest, after charging, as a cooling period. In an emergency any one battery can be used for two 8 hour shifts during a 24 hour period, but if this is repeated regularly it probably will cause high electrolyte temperatures and could seriously effect service life. Therefore, where 3 shift operation is normal, 3 batteries will be required per item of equipment. [Learn More]

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After three to four years traction lead-acid batteries start to pronouncedly lose the ability to hold their charge. The result is less productive time in-between charges. If continued to be used after this time the batteries capacity will be reduced at an ever accelerating rate until finally the batteries are of no functional use anymore and must be replaced.