Anatomy of a Lead Acid Battery

Refurbished Forklift Batteries

Anatomy of a Lead Acid Battery

If you’re thinking of buying a forklift battery, it can be helpful to know a little bit more about how they’re designed. With that goal in mind, here’s a brief guide to the anatomy of a lead acid forklift battery. (For more detailed information, see the Battery Intelligence section of our website.)

The first thing to understand about a forklift battery is that it isn’t just for powering your forklift. These batteries are heavy, so they also provide extra weight, which makes it easier for the forklift to pick up heavy objects by acting as a counterweight.

The next thing to understand is that it’s important to follow all safety procedures strictly. Serious accidents can occur if safety standards aren’t followed.

Parts of a Battery

A typical lead acid battery is made up of four basic parts: the case, the cells, the inter-cell connectors, and the cables.

The case is what holds all the cells together, so it’s basically a big box.

The cells are a group of between six and 40 individual batteries, each made up of lead plates and sulfuric acid, packed tightly together in the case.

The inter-cell connectors are also made of lead, and their purpose is to link the individual cells to each other so the battery will form a complete circuit.

The cables vary in size depending on the amperage, with higher amps requiring thicker cable.

Along with these four basic components there can also be a water monitor, which will display a green light when the battery has enough water and a red light when it needs more.

If you need to replace your current forklift battery, just sell it to us here at Green Power Forklift Batteries! Green Power can also sell you new or reconditioned forklift batteries. Keep your forklifts running and help the environment at the same time, by getting as much life as possible from your forklift batteries!

Keep Your Forklift Battery Alive Longer

Refurbished Forklift Batteries

Lead-acid forklift batteries are the most popular type of forklift battery for several reasons. The first and most obvious reason is that they’re the least expensive option available, but on top of that they’re also reliable, tough, recyclable, and safe when handled properly.

The typical lifespan of a lead-acid forklift battery is 1,500 charge cycles, which adds up to about five years. After yours has reached the end of its lifespan, you can always sell it to Greenpower Forklift Batteries to be refurbished, but you can make it last as long as possible by following these simple tips.

1: Washing

Your forklift battery needs to be washed with water and battery acid neutralizer to clean off the corrosive buildup that would otherwise damage your terminals and casing, shortening the lifespan of your forklift battery over time. Make sure to observe all OSHA and EPA regulations while washing. Don’t charge it again until it’s completely dry.

2: Watering

You should check the water level on your forklift battery after every five charges, adding clean water on an as-needed basis. Fill the water no more than ¼” above the plates. Be careful not to under-water or over-water and add water only after fully charging.

3: Equalizing

Battery equalization procedures vary from one manufacturer to another, so make sure to follow the instructions specific to your manufacturer. Equalization needs to be performed after every 5-10 charges and should be a regularly scheduled part of your battery maintenance plan.

If you follow these tips, your forklift battery should last much longer than it otherwise would. When you do need to replace it, you can always sell it to Greenpower Forklift Batteries and buy a new or refurbished forklift battery to replace it. By refurbishing older batteries so they last as long as possible, Greenpower Forklift Batteries is doing our part to help the environment!

A Brief Guide to Forklift Batteries

Refurbished Forklift Batteries

The unique 18-stage renovation process we use at Greenpower Forklift Batteries allows us to extend the lifespan of industrial lead acid batteries, but there are also other types of forklift battery in existence including AGM and Lithium-Ion varieties. This brief guide to forklift batteries will teach you all about the different types.


“AGM” stands for “Absorbed Glass Mat,” so called because this type of battery uses a fine glass mat to store electrolytes in a “dry” condition. AGM forklift batteries are a special type of lead acid battery. They require less maintenance because they don’t need to be watered, and they also don’t have the risk of spilling battery acid. The main disadvantage of an AGM battery is that overcharging can reduce their lifespan, and they are also more expensive than other types of lead acid batteries. Green Power Batteries does not currently carry AGM batteries.


Lithium-ion forklift batteries are becoming more common, despite the fact that they are a more expensive option. They offer a number of advantages, including the fact that they don’t need watering or maintenance and there’s no risk of overcharging them. They can be charged quickly and are safer for workers to handle. On the other hand, they are expensive enough that some businesses cannot afford to use them. In addition, they should not be stored when fully charged and they should not be stored in high temperatures or they can be damaged as a result.

Lead Acid Forklift Batteries

This is the most common type of forklift battery. They are also known as “wet cell” batteries because they use a combination of sulfuric acid and water. They need regular maintenance to perform well over time, and they need regular watering to keep electrolytes at the correct level. The big advantage of lead acid batteries is that they’re more affordable, but they do need to be maintained properly to last their full lifespan of five years or more.

If your lead acid forklift batteries are no longer working for you, why not sell them to Greenpower Forklift Batteries? We’ll put them through our refurbishing process and extend or even double their lifespan! Greenpower Forklift Batteries can also sell you new or reconditioned forklift batteries. Keep your forklifts running in the most environmentally friendly way possible by getting all the life you can from your forklift batteries!